Evicted Man is Heartbroken Over Decision to Surrender His Dog But Community Leaps into Action

With only $40 in his pocket and all his possessions packed with his vehicle, he had been forced to make a challenging option.

Williams didn’t desire his 14-year-old furry buddy to suffer the problems of sleeping in his car so with a heavy heart, he took Lucky into the Gwinnett County Animal Welfare refuge in hopes of giving his puppy a better opportunity for stability.

Shelter staffer Katie Corbett was really emotional over the market, she decided to snap a few pictures of their dynamic duo and place them to her FB page using a request for assistance.

Later Williams said a sad farewell to his very best buddy, Corbett and her colleagues understood they weren’t able to permit his daddy be split for long so the staff immediately leapt to action.

Due to a fast-acting staffers, many anonymous donors, and various representatives in the county Senior Services Department, the team was able to get Williams to a resort for a week so that he would not need to sleep at his vehicle. Corbett subsequently requested her Facebook followers when anybody would be happy to nurture Founded until Williams had been in secure home.

“In reality, he’d be thrilled if a person might rescue his boy out of a loud, stressful atmosphere. He knows that danger. However, what is even better would be if we can locate a boost to maintain Lucky while his father gets back on his feet so we might have the ability to reunite them”

The very next evening, a guy walked to the shelter and stated he’d be pleased to take Lucky home so the senior puppy would not need to spend another moment from the noisy shelter.

Corbett then started a GoFundMe effort to increase cash for Williams — and because she made it 2 weeks ago, it has raised over $10,000, and it can be over double their initial target .

“I shared Lucky and Mr. Williams’ narrative on social networking … expecting to procure a temporary boost for your puppy until we can come up with a different plan,” composed Corbett about the crowdfunding page. “Never in a thousand years could I’ve anticipated the outpouring of support which has been exhibited.”

“Thank you so much for wanting to assist Lucky along with his daddy. Lucky is so blessed,” she added.

Since Williams is handicapped and not able to work, he states that a van is his favored type of home. With tens of thousands of individuals donating to the GoFundMe webpage, Corbett states it will just be a matter of time ahead of Williams and his puppy are reunited under a brand new roof of the own.

“We’ve spoke with Nissan Sutherlin at Mall of Georgia and also have discovered a fantastic automobile that will fit their requirements,” says Corbett. “Other resources will be utilized for Lucky’s vet care, joint and food supplements (as required ), and preparing the van to have the correct insulation, wiring, and solar energy that’s necessary to sustain the both of them”

According to a ‘Pioneering’ New Study, Coffee Could Be Used to Fight Obesity

Scientists have printed a fascinating new study how coffee might be depended upon to do a lot more than simply wake us up in the daytime.

The study, published earlier this week at the journal Scientific Reports, is among the very first to be performed in people to locate components that might have an immediate impact on”brown fat” works, an significant part the body that plays an integral role in how fast we could burn off calories as energy.

Initially only imputed to infants and hibernating mammals, it had been found lately that adults could have brown fat also. Its principal job is to create body heat by burning off calories (rather than white fat, which can be a consequence of keeping surplus calories).

“Brown fat functions in a different approach to other fat on your body and generates heat by burning fat and sugar, frequently in reaction to cold,” explained Professor Michael Symonds, in the School of Medicine in the University of Nottingham that co-directed the study.

“Increasing its action improves blood glucose control in addition to enhancing blood lipid levels and also the added calories burnt assistance with weight reduction. But until today, nobody has found a suitable approach to stimulate its activity in people.

The possible implications of the results are fairly large, as obesity is a significant health issue for society and we have a growing diabetes epidemic and brown fat might potentially be a part of this solution in handling them.”

The group began with a string of stem cell studies to find out if caffeine could stimulate brown fat. After they’d discovered the correct dose, then they proceeded on to people to find out whether the outcomes were comparable.

The group used a thermal imaging method, which they had previously initiated, to trace the human body’s brown fat reserves. The noninvasive technique aids the staff to find brown fat and evaluate its capability to make heat.

“From our past work, we understood that brown fat is principally found in the neck area, therefore we had the ability to picture someone directly once they had a drink to find out whether the brown fat obtained sexier,” explained Professor Symonds.

“The results were favorable and we need to determine that caffeine among the components in the java is behaving as the stimulation or if there is another element helping with the activation of brown fat. We’re now considering caffeine supplements to check if the result is comparable.

“Once we’ve verified which element is responsible for this, it might possibly be utilized as part of a weight control program or as an element of sugar regulation plan to help prevent diabetes”

Take A Look at The First-Ever Robotic Arm That Can Be Controlled By Your Mind

Scientists have achieved a groundbreaking new technological accomplishment by creating the successful mind-controlled robotic arm demonstrating the capability to always monitor and adhere to a pc cursor controlled by the thoughts.

Being in a position to non-invasively control robotic devices with just ideas will have broad programs, specifically benefiting the lives of patients and people with movement disorders.

BCIs are proven to achieve decent functionality for controlling autonomous devices using just the signals sensed from implants. When autonomous devices may be controlled with high accuracy, they may be employed to finish an assortment of daily tasks. Until today, however, BCIs which have been effective in controlling robotic arms have employed just invasive implants. These implants need a considerable number of medical and surgical experience to properly set up and operate, and of course cost and possible risks to subjects, and therefore, their use was restricted to only a few clinical scenarios.

Such noninvasive BCI technologies, if successful, would deliver such much needed technologies to many patients and even possibly to the overall populace.

But, BCIs which use noninvasive outside sensing, instead of brain enhancements, get”dirtier” lower-resolution signs, resulting in less control. So, when using just the mind to control a robotic arm, a non invasive BCI had not managed to stand up to utilizing implanted devices.

“There have been significant advances in your mind controlled robotic devices with implants. It is amazing science,” says . “But non-toxic is your supreme aim. Advances in neural decoding as well as also the practical utility of non invasive robotic arm management will have significant implications on the eventual evolution of non invasive neurorobotics.”

Utilizing novel sensing and machine-learning methods, he and his laboratory have been able to get signs deep inside the mind, attaining a higher resolution of hands on a robotic arm. With nonstop neuroimaging along with a publication constant pursuit paradigm, he’s beating the noisy EEG signs resulting in significantly enhance EEG-based neural decoding, also easing real-time constant 2D robotic device controller. (Watch the movie below…)

With a non invasive BCI to control a robotic arm that is monitoring a cursor on a computer display, for the very first time , he’s revealed in human areas a robotic arm is now able to comply with the cursor constantly. Whereas robotic arms controlled by people non-invasively had formerly adopted a moving cursor at jerky, distinct moves — like the robotic arm had been attempting to”catch up” into the brain’s controls — today, the arm follows the cursor at a smooth, constant path.

In a newspaper printed in Science Robotics, the group found a new framework that handles and also improves upon the”mind” and”pc” elements of BCI by raising user participation and coaching, in addition to spatial resolution of non invasive neural information through EEG source imaging.

The paper proves that the group’s unique way of solving this issue not only improved BCI learning by almost 60 percent for conventional center-out tasks, in addition, it improved constant tracking of a computer cursor by over 500 percent.

The technology also includes software that could enable many different people, by providing safe, noninvasive”brain control” of apparatus which may allow individuals to interact with and control their surroundings. The tech has, up to now, been analyzed in 68 able-bodied human areas (up to ten sessions for each topic ), such as virtual device controlling and control a robotic arm to get constant pursuit. The technology is applicable for patients, and the group plans to run clinical trials in the not too distant future.

“Despite technical challenges utilizing noninvasive signals, we’re wholly dedicated to bringing this secure and financial technology to folks who can gain from it,” says .

Survey Says That 76% of American Parents Are Being Motivated By Their Kids to Go Green

A new survey of American families says the younger generation could be driving the shift to”eco-households” greater than anybody believed.

While parents must be teaching their kids to honor the Earth, the poll results found that 76 percent of parents really feel their kid is the person who urges for environmentally-friendly changes in their property.

The poll of 2,000 Americans discovered that seven in 10 Americans believe their domicile to be an eco-household.

Results found a green house most commonly contained active recycling, preventing wasting food and decreasing energy consumption. That is also to bringing reusable bags to the grocery shop and preventing plastic straws.

Irrespective of how environmentally-friendly they believe themselves to be, outcomes found that 77 percent of respondents would love to be wealthier — and for most, having kids is a catalyst for needing to become more green (41 percent ).

88% believe it is essential for the next generation(s) to be educated about becoming environmentally-friendly–and economists think teachers have the most responsibility for educating kids about being kind to the environment (80 percent ). This was followed closely by parents (80 percent ), the government (52 percent ) and employers (35 percent ).

Along with needing a better world to their children, 59% report that their want to be environmentally-friendly simply comes from wanting the world to be a much better location.

1. Just wanting the world for a much better location 59 percent

2. Viewing Earth-focused documentaries 44 percent

3. Having children 41 percent

4. News coverage of environment-focused subjects 40 percent

5. My research 40 percent

85% consider that small actions can add up to make a significant impact for the environment–and also yet one little actions economists are taking is buying ethical products.

37% record”frequently” buying products which are ethical and environmentally friendly.

And economists report being more inclined to purchase from a business which provides sustainable products (57 percent ), utilizes natural or organic ingredients (51 percent ) which has great ethical practices (48 percent ).

“To the health of our families and our planet, most of us must begin making changes. “It is an exciting step forward to observe customers becoming more discerning and actively searching out ethically and sustainably manufactured products”


1. Recycling 50%

2. Avoid wasting food 41%

3. Reducing energy consumption 38%

4. Bringing reusable bags to the store 37%

5. Avoiding plastic straws 37%

6. Turning off lights and electronics when leaving a room 35%

7. Using LED lights at home 34%

8. Avoiding plastic water bottles 34%

9. Donating items when no longer needed 33%

10. Composting 32%

11. Purchasing from ethical/sustainable brands 31%

12. Buying local foods (farmer’s market, etc.) 29%

13. Opting for paperless billing 29%

14. Opening the window instead of using the heat/AC – 28%

15. Turning off the computer – 28%

16. Opening the blinds instead of turning on the light – 28%

17. Taking shorter showers – 26%

18. Researching brands’ sustainability practices – 24%

19. Limiting meat consumption – 24%

20. Using public transportation – 22%

After Millennials & Nuns Discover They’re ‘Soul Mates’, They Work and Live Together to Change the World

You may not feel that convents of older Catholic women and ardent millennial activists would have very much in common, but those two demographics have merged in an unexpected way through this imaginative program.

Nuns and Nones is a nationwide organization which brings young individuals together with Catholic nuns to engage collectively in social triggers.

The”Nones” are millennials who test”none of the above” when asked for religious preference, since they do not identify with a specific spiritual ethos. According to the Nones and Nuns site, this accounts for 40 percent of millennials in the United States, counted from the nationwide census.

Irrespective of their chosen religious label, the Nones who’ve participated in the program have gleaned a predetermined quantity of guidance and wisdom in the sisters. In return, the sisters have been motivated by the new ideas, imagination, and insight provided to them with their younger counterparts.

Collectively, the program participants state that they have been working together to tackle environmental and social issues in order to mutually produce a”more just, honorable, and loving world”.

“It is really simple to get siloed into speaking with people your age and after that it’s sort of exhausting because we all have the same questions since we’re about the same stage of existence and we are all fighting,” said among the program’s young participants. “And the second that you bring someone from another stage of existence, the space just opens up and it’s a distinct conversation and there are various ways to learn.”

Since its beginning, more and more Nuns and Nones meetings are organized throughout the nation. (Nuns prefer to be called”sisters” because they don’t technically lead the cloistered lifestyle of nuns).

Five young millennial activists moved to the Mercy Center back in November as a means of analyzing a new Nuns and Nones residency program. Organizers reasoned that both parties could gain in your living arrangements; the sisters would have added income to help pay the steadily increasing rent while millennials could benefit from low-income housing in exchange for helping take care of the elderly residents.

That being said, a number of the inhabitants told The New York Times that they weren’t in it for the price. Over the course of their 6-month remain, the millennials and sisters expressed their delight over having a very distinctive form of communal living and friendship with each other.

–with sisters and my peers,” said one of the millennial residents. “The learning and growth continues to inspire and surprise, and also the possibility in these dialogues feels immense. For me, they’re a source of profound healing.”

Since the pilot residency project came to an end in May, Nuns and Nones was searching to get a new set of millennial volunteers to take part in additional communal home projects with a variety of convents across the US.

Among the company’s sisters described the program’s mission:”Among the critical frequent calls of this moment, the unmet need, is community itself. Just as foundresses reacted to unmet needs in their time, so could we be called, together, to form and support new communities of belonging, working to weave our social fabric and battle the crisis of isolation and’othering. ”’

Famous Medieval Belgian Town Bruges Makes Moves To Restrict Tourism

Visiting the famous Belfry might no longer be simple, as Bruges is the latest European city to earn moves regarding tourism restrictions.
The Belgian city is a favorite stop along European expansive excursions . Its historical city center was introduced to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2000, being mentioned as”an outstanding example of a medieval historical settlement.”
But recognition can come with challenges, particularly in a place as compact as Bruges.
Local newspaper Het Nieuwsblad reports that Bruges will no longer advertise or promote day excursions to the city, and steps will be required to reduce the number of cruise ships capable to dock at Zeebrugge port.
Currently, the port has room for five cruise ships at one time, but the amount will probably be capped at 2 per day. Cruise business will also be requested to dock throughout the week rather than on weekends, which will help disperse the crowds out among more days.
The tourism board may even end its marketing campaigns in other nearby cities such as Brussels and Paris to restrict the number of day trippers. Residents who just visit for the day lead to cities dropping much-needed hotel earnings.
“We have to control the influx more if we don’t want it to develop into a complete Disneyland here,” De said.
Currently, travelers outnumber residents of about three to one.
Bruges’ recent conclusions echo moves created in other cities around Europe that are dealing with the consequences of mass tourism.
Back in Amsterdam, 270 kilometers (168 miles) off, tourism police recently made the decision to relocate the famous”I Amsterdam” signal from the city center to further afield, since the sign had become popular on Instagram and other social networking platforms.
It is part of a bigger, concentrated movement in the Netherlands to get its thousands of millions of yearly visitors to explore different parts of the nation .
Meanwhile, Rome has concentrated on banning particular tourist behaviors that lead to dirt, congestion and erosion, including pub crawls and swimming at the city’s famed fountains.
Still, it’s not clear if everybody in Bruges affirms the brand new tourism rollbacks.
Nijs polled locals on a range of topics and found that, despite the crush of people, about 76 percent reported being happy with tourism for their city and 70% stated the positive benefits of travel — including revenue — were worth more than the negative ones.

Thoughts Of An Angel, | Posted in News

Teacher immediately fired for asking Trump to ‘remove illegal students’ from school

A Texas school district has fired a high school instructor who tweeted US President Donald Trump to request aid reporting illegal immigrant pupils.

Georgia Clark, a British instructor in Fort Worth, whined on 17 May about”prohibited pupils from Mexico”, including:”I want protection against recrimination”.

She informed school officials she”didn’t realise that the tweets were general public,” college officials wrote in a report.

The tweets, under her now-deleted @Rebecca1939 Twitter accounts, started about three months ago when she clarified that the school district “filled with prohibited pupils from Mexico”, also suggested that there ought to be someone in the faculty”who must be actively exploring & eliminating illegals which are in the public school program”.

“Whatever you can do in order to eliminate the illegals out of Fort Worth will be greatly appreciated,” she wrote in another tweet.

Ms Clark added that she wanted ensures that her identity would remain anonymous after action had been taken, writing:”Texas won’t protect whistle blowers. The Mexicans refuse to honor our flag”

But in a different tweet, she published her two telephone numbers, including:”Georgia Clark is my name.”

What’s response been?

On Tuesday night that the Fort Worth Independent School Board of Trustees unanimously voted to terminate her contract following several immigrant and immigrants rights groups talked to the committee to condemn her actions.

Ms Clark wasn’t present in the meeting.

In a statement following the vote,” Superintendent Kent Scribner commended the board for their”strong record of supporting pupils and their pursuit for achievement, faculty, career and community leadership”.

“Fort Worth functions 86,000 pupils, and it’s our aim that we treat every individual with respect and dignity, and dependent on the info that we have, we believe this is the most accountable recommendation at this moment.”

Media captionThe overlooking – impacts of Trump’s immigration crackdown

A Facebook group named Fort Worth Republican Women, defended the instructor and lashed out officials that they said were violating her constitutional right to free speech.

“The pupils have been offended by a teacher asking the President, Donald J Trump, to apply the law so she is disciplined?” The group composed.

“Would the same be true if a different instructor supported illegal immigration?”

Back in 1982, the US Supreme Court ruled that public schools have been needed to educate kids, irrespective of their immigration status.

Schools are prohibited from requesting parents about immigration status or reporting household members to government.

World leaders and US President Donald Trump mark D-Day 75th anniversary

Weaving a harrowing story of the assignment to storm the Normandy shore in an effort to retake Europe from the Nazis, President Donald Trump on Thursday hailed D-Day veterans as”among the most greatest Americans who will live.”

In a speech laced with person tales of extraordinary heroism and loss, framed from the aging faces of individuals who experienced it, Trump memorialized an event that altered the course of this war.

Embracing frail veterans making what could be their final journey to the windswept bluffs where they made history, the President appeared really moved from the weight of what had occurred there.

And he buttressed an alliance system that arose from the violence, despite having previously questioned a number of the institutions forged from the bloodshed.

“You are the glory of our republic and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts,” Trump said in remarks in the Normandy American Cemetery in northern France.

“These men enlisted their lives in a great crusade, one of the best ever,” he explained. “Their mission is the story of an epic battle and the ferocious eternal struggle between good and evil.”
Speaking following his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron,” Trump said the country’s debt to the veterans who participated in the landings was”ceaseless”

Trump will be the latest in a string of presidents to mark the anniversary of D-Day at France, each successive ceremony watching fewer and fewer of the veterans who completed the harrowing mission make it right back into the blustery cliffs and stretches of sand.
Now in their 90s, as well as a thinning generation with first-hand memory of the war, people veterans joined Trump along with other world leaders to mark the event near the American cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer.

In his Army cap and standing with the help of a cane, Pickett climbed to embrace the President later Trump recounted his narrative.

“Tough guy,” Trump said following sharing silent words with the veteran.

Afterwards, Trump sits for talks with Macron before departing for his golf course in Ireland, where he’s spending two nights.

In his address, Trump said the commemoration ceremonies on the cliffs and shores of Normandy were supposed to honor the men — most just teenagers — who lost their lives there.
“We come not only because of what they did here, we come because of who they were. They were young guys with their entire lives before them,” Trump said.

Produced a year after the fighting ended, Trump is a part of the post-war wealth those veterans’ gallantry assisted provide. And while Trump this week has already hailed the heroism of the Allied forces, he also downplayed the notion of obligatory military service, stating his own avoidance of the Vietnam War was because he”was not a fan of the war.”

The comment, and Trump’s custom of desecrating certain war heroes while wrapping himself in the militaristic elements of his place, coloured Thursday’s look, which comes after a state visit to the United Kingdom.

During his three-day stay in London, Trump’s hosts sought to highlight the value of the western alliance as well as the geopolitical systems that were put in place after the war — a few of that, like NATO and the European Union, Trump has contested.

British Prime Minister Theresa May talented the President a copy of the Atlantic Charter, which defined US and UK goals for the war and its aftermath.

Queen Elizabeth II, staunchly apolitical, stated during a toast which the global institutions created following the war were as necessary as ever.

“Though the world has changed, we’re forever mindful of this original aim of these structures: countries working together to safeguard a hard-won peace,” she said.

Appearing wowed by the trappings of imperial hospitality, Trump has hailed transatlantic alliances throughout his gracious public appearances.

He continued these affirmations in his remarks on Thursday.

“Our treasured alliance was forged in the heat of conflict, tested in the trials of warfare, and proven in the blessings of peace,” Trump said. “Our bond is secure.”

How disinformation spread in Facebook groups in European Elections

Social networking classes which invited support for UK political parties at the build up to the European elections were goals for fake news and polarising articles with hyperlinks into the far right, a Newsnight investigation has found.

Closed Facebook groups, whose contents can only be viewed by approved members, watched users participate and discuss content connected to far-right and possibly fake accounts, including some apparently US and Russian-oriented profiles.

The groups were not formally associated with any party.

Articles in the classes often contained abusive language directed at MPs.

The Brexit party told Newsnight:”We’re not conscious of this and we can’t spend all of our time tracking Facebook.

“If any Facebook team is using our logo or infringing our copyright, without our consent, and is acting in any way, we act to close it down as we’ve done and will do again.”

How did we track Facebook groups?

The content, administrators and history of the 30 largest and most energetic closed pro- and anti-Brexit Facebook groups were analysed.

The administrators of closed groups often vet fresh members with questions to ensure they hold views compatible with the rest of the group.

New Facebook principles, introduced after accusations the company enabled interference in elections throughout the world, have forced public pages to be transparent about who runs them who advertises about them. However, as closed groups are private, they are not as likely to be flagged up to Facebook moderators for rules violations.

Newsnight’s investigation found that the largest group, known as”Brexit Party – fans” (it wasn’t any official connection to the celebration ) was the newest incarnation of a page setup in January 2017 under the title”Libertarians and Chartists for Trump”.

The group was conducted by a Facebook profile page called”Make Britain Great Again”, containing links to the website MBGAnews.com, which in turn redirects to another site, RedPillFactory.

Red Pill Factory is registered in California and has been described by critics as offering a mixture of partisan and untrue stories on topics such as the yellow vest motion, immigration, and Brexit.

Since Newsnight contacted the site, it has removed some content, including a story claiming German authorities purchased prostitutes to have sex with migrants. There is not any evidence to support the narrative was authentic.

Media Bias/Fact Check, an independent website which rates the visibility of internet content, describes Red Pill Factory :”extreme bias, consistent promotion of propaganda/conspiracies, inferior or no sourcing to credible information, a complete absence of transparency and/or is fake news.”

In answer to our evaluation, a writer for Red Pill Factory reported that they would”deem the notion of’fake news’ to be somewhat subjective.

“[We] dispute asserts that the website peddled bogus information, but actually posts were often fact-checked,” the author said.

They added:”Persons trolling the site with fake articles or presenting incorrect, anti-Islamic (as opposed to anti-terrorist), or racist posts were barred from submitting future articles” and said an editor was dismissed for violating these rules. RedPillFactory has conducted articles profoundly critical of the stripes motion as of late – one contributor was sacked for promoting yellow vests.”

“Brexit Party – supporters” was closed down until the European elections, after a Sunday Times investigation into its administrators.

In reaction to this Sunday Times story, The Brexit Party said it would officially approach Facebook to demand the groups were taken down:”We have no interest in these people in any way, absolutely not.”

Possible foreign influence?
Meanwhile, additional closed groups continued to spread links to disinformation.

“We Support Brexit” closed group, which has approximately 3,900 members, comprised numerous articles from an individual who is apparently Russian. The consumer shared hyperlinks by News Front, a site the EU’s anti-disinformation East Stratcom Task Force has identified as a supply of pro-Kremlin bogus news.

The image related to the consumer’s profile appears to function as a former Russian Miss World and in all likelihood doesn’t demonstrate the individual supporting the account. The profile is completely in Russian, and the cover photograph features Vladimir Putin.

Newsnight attempted to get in touch with the consumer, but they didn’t respond.

The user accounts along with the News Front site formed part of a wider pattern of disinformation or polarising content with foreign connections being shared in pro-Brexit closed Facebook classes, which was shared and participated with by additional users.

NewsPunch editor Sean Adl-Tabatabai told Newsnight:”We’re an information organization that publishes information from many different different sources on a huge variety of subjects. Sometimes this consists of the BBC itself. To telephone us’fake news’ is libellous and damaging to our reputation.

“We don’t have any control over members of the public who decide to share our articles on any platform, such as Facebook. Right now, it is still their own prerogative to openly read and share things so long as they are not breaking the law”

The BBC has also attempted to contact the people who run News Frontbut has not received an answer.

Posts from a website named Brexit Betrayal News were also shared across a number of closed classes by a Facebook user that seems to be in the US.

Mr Dance quotes that the posts targeted 50,000 people who belong to groups such as”Brexit that the Protest” and”We Are Your 17.4 Million”.

As well as listing Brexit Party MEPs, the site shared links to the QAnon conspiracy that was popularised by fringe and alt-right bands in the united states.

The Brexit Betrayal News domain premiered in Chicago in April 2019. When contacted via the site, the user confirmed that the website was hosted in the US, but refused to confirm if they’re from the US.

With Samsung and Huawei’s current troubles, is the foldable phone trend cursed?

After years and years of rumors, patent filings and claims, 2019 was supposed to be the year that a foldable smartphone with a flexible screen would go mainstream. Two of the biggest phone manufacturers in the world, Samsung and Huawei, both announced plans to establish foldable mobiles: the Samsung Galaxy Fold along with the Huawei Mate X.

In only the past couple of weeks, it now looks like that the foldable mobile fad is in deep trouble — for reasons that we could not have predicted back when the two of these devices were first revealed. After reports of display failures on the Galaxy Fold from a couple of media outlets hit on the net in late April, along with lumps appearing beneath the screen, Samsung immediately postponed the projected April 26 launch of the telephone. So far, the company has yet to disclose a new release date to the Galaxy Fold.

The people at Huawei have to have been happy when Samsung announced the delay. It seemed to paving the way for its Mate X to conquer the Galaxy Fold to market. What Huawei didn’t anticipate was that the U.S. government blacklist it last week, meaning U.S. businesses couldn’t supply hardware or software to Huawei devices.

On Sunday, Google said it would comply together with the U.S. administration’s order. While the U.S. Commerce Department has since enabled Google and other companies to offer software updates for current Huawei products before August 19, that exclusion doesn’t now cover future devices, which would really include the Mate X.

While Huawei is reportedly working on its own cellphone operating system, it might not be ready for new apparatus until sometime this autumn. There is also no word on if this OS will work with foldable phones. That is something Google already added to Android. Huawei might not be able to supply that sort of additional performance in the Mate X because of its upcoming OS.

Is your foldable phone fad cursed?

These developments are just the newest in the somewhat troubled history of attempting to bring foldable mobiles. Samsung and other companies have been showing prototypes of these devices for years, but it appears that creating such devices with a foldable screen on a massive scale has been hard until just lately.

But now, some worry the plastic foldable screens of the Galaxy Fold and the Mate X won’t last very long. To be honest, both Samsung and Huawei assert results from their testing labs show the flexible screens on the Galaxy Twist and the Mate X should last for many decades. However, because most people might understand, conditions at a laboratory are very different than the actual world. People can always create situations that can’t be examined for or even predicted in the laboratory, as we watched the display failures in a number of the review Galaxy Fold units.

There has been work on creating foldable screens made from glassbut no word when those will be accessible. Corning, makers of the tough Gorilla Glass screens found on numerous smartphones, states it has prototypes of glass displays working in its labs, but we might have to wait some time before they will be placed into smartphones.

Of course, as we mentioned earlier, no one could have predicted that the fate of this Mate X would be placed in danger by a U.S. government ban on Huawei. It is the kind of left field development that, unfortunately, has come to be part together with the foldable phone fad.