Rapper Lil Nas X is Sued For $25 Million for Alleged Song Theft

Lil Nas X, the rapper who shot into fame this year with the blockbuster”Old Town Road,” has been sued by a California music publisher for $25 million for allegedly stealing by a 1982 Bobby Caldwell tune for the next of his own songs.

In a complaint filed on Wednesday, The Music Force LLC stated Lil Nas X made without permission by Caldwell’s R&B tune”Carry On” for his song with the identical name, which he then posted to YouTube and streaming platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud.

The plaintiff also sued Lil Nas X’s new record label, Sony Music, saying it decided not to properly vet the 20-year-old’s music because it was”far more important” to conserve the chance to generate millions of dollars of earnings from his livelihood.

Representatives of Lil Nas X and Sony could not immediately be reached on Thursday for comment.

The Culver City-based plaintiff is seeking at least $10 million in compensatory damages, as a portion for”confusion in the market,” plus at least $15 million in punitive damages reflecting Lil Nas X’s alleged”greed and malicious motive.”

Lil Nas X, whose given name is Montero Lamar Hill, this week saw”Old Town Road” log its 16th week atop the Billboard Hot 100, tying the record for the maximum No. 1 stint in the graph’s 61-year history.

“Old Town Road,” which features country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, shares the album with Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men’s”One Sweet Day” in 1995-1996, and Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber’s”Despacito” in 2017.

The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles federal court.

The case is The Music Force LLC v Sony Music Holdings Inc et al, U.S. District Court, Central District of California, No. 19-06430.

Vin Diesel in ‘total SHOCK’, Fast and Furious 9 set DISASTER as stunt goes horribly wrong

FAST AND FURIOUS 9 has witnessed a critical set crash, because a stunt double plunged 30ft sustaining serious head injuries, leaving Vin Diesel in shock.
The ninth Fast and Furious movie is currently shooting Warner Bros Studios in Hertfordshire. But Vin Diesel’s most up-to-date blockbuster has seen a serious injury take place after a horrific fall. A stunt double fell 30ft after jump off a balcony and it’s feared his security cable snapped. Filming was halted on Fast and Furious 9 for the afternoon as Diesel’s stuntman was rushed to Royal London Hospital with serious head injuries.

The Sun’s source said:”The stuntman fell at 30ft — perhaps a little more. Vin Diesel was seen on set seconds after.

“He seemed ashen, totally in shock and blinking back tears. He saw exactly what happened.

“They had been filming a quite large balcony scene. The stuntman jumped from the balcony attached to some security wire, but it looks like the cable snapped.

“He was meant to be left dangling under the balcony through the cable and then lowered gradually to the ground, but he plunged into the floor and landed on his mind.”

The source added:”There were gasps and cries when the poor guy hit the floor.

“It’s horrific and obviously all caught on camera. This was passed to authorities.

“It happened on a brand new set at the studios. Everything has now been closed on place and filming stopped. It’s a crime scene.”

Victoria Beckham Shares Her Tip to Help Her Daughter Harper with Homework

Victoria Beckham has produced a fairly fun way to help make homework fun for Harperduring the summer holidays, also has shared her best tip on social media for fellow parents to be cautious. The prior Spice Girl is currently hoping to educate her daughter her times tables before this new school year in September, also to make it even more enjoyable, she has been writing different amounts on stones, together with the answer written on the other side. In a short video posted on Instagram Stories, Victoria was seen turning the rocks around in the water, also wrote:”Trying to locate a fun way to learn the times tables”

Harper Beckham was practicing her times tables at the Pool

They have also been catching up with many of their favorite buddies over there, such as Marc Anthony — who gave David a salsa lesson, while Eva Longoria paid a visit to their own home with her infant son Santi. They have also gone home hunting, and have been pictured visiting a 36million apartment in Zaha Hadid’s famous phallic shaped construction, 1000 museum. The stunning property will undoubtedly be a wonderful home for the family, boasting a communal swimming pool, a two-room treatment spa, hair and beauty salon, acai and juice bar fueled by Raw Republic, and a sunbathing area.

The family have spent a great deal of time in Miami because David declared his plans to launch his own Inter Miami soccer growth group in 2018. David and Victoria have been outside in the States with Harper, Together with their center two sons Romeo and Cruz. Their earliest, Brooklyn, has decided this season to bypass the family holiday, and has been enjoying spending time with his girlfriend Hana Cross in London.

BLACKPINK’s ‘Boombayah’ Tapped For Netflix Action Series ‘Wu Assassins’

With its high impact tempo and choreography, it comes as no surprise that BLACKPINK’s Boombayah was the top choice for the soundtrack of all Netlfix’s most up-to-date action characteristic Wu Assassins.

Each clip from Wu Assassins exerts a measurable force of up to 1,800 lbs per square inch so please do not sit too close to the display, Netflix teased about the film, and the action packed sequences intersped with BLACKPINK’s Boombayah provided the ideal complement for action and amusement, Polygon reported.

Wu Assassins stars Indonesian martial arts superstar Iko Uwais who headlined the action packed Raid Redemption, Merentau and Netflix hits like The Night Comes for Us and Triple Threat. This is going to be the first time Uwais will star in a full action collection. After the trailer was released, the use of BLACKPINK’s debut single Boombayah has been lauded by several action lovers because its global appeal. The Boombayah MV also broke the record as the first Kpop introduction MV to violate the 650 million views mark so the cooperation has helped drum up even more enthusiasm for Kpop fans in addition to action afficionadoes.


Natalie Portman to Play Female Thor in Marvel Sequel

Natalie Portman will play the female Thor in the upcoming sequel to 2017’s highly-rated Thor: Ragnarok.

The actress is going to reprise her role as Dr Jane Foster, who starred at the 2011 original and appeared in 2013’s The Dark World.

The news was announced during Marvel Studios’ Comic-Con panel.

Director Taika Waititi explained that the film, titled Thor: Love and Thunder, will be contingent upon a 2014 comic book narrative where Thor loses his abilities and Jane Foster wields his powers and magical hammer Mjolnir.

Waititi handed over Thor’s hammer in a symbolic gesture while Portman took to the stage in the comic book tradition.

While accepting the prop, Portman said:”Feels pretty good. I’ve always had a tiny hammer .”

Chris Hemsworth, who plays with Thor, and Tessa Thompson, who stars as Valkyrie, will also return for the fourth movie that’s set to be released at November 2021.

Further details for the newest instalment of the franchise have not yet been released, but Waititi said her character’s name would be Mighty Thor.

Portman posted on Instagram she was”thrilled” to come back to the series and also to work with”legends” Waititi, Hemsworth and Thompson.

“Remember that as the before picture for when I get jacked,” she added jokingly.

Tom Cruise Dropped the Long Awaited ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Trailer

Tom Cruise was a surprise guest in Comic-Con in which he unveiled a trailer for the sequel to his movie Top Gun, published over 30 years back.

Best Gun: Maverick sees him revisit brilliant but reckless pilot Pete”Maverick” Mitchell, nevertheless flying but incapable to to let go of the past.

The trailer shows Cruise seemingly pulling off some unbelievable aerial moves board a US Navy jetfighter.

“Everything you see in this film is really for real,” he told the San Diego audience.

“We are working with the Navy, all of the flying you see in this film is real, I truly needed to give you all an experience of what it is to be inside that aircraft.

“To me personally, Top Gun is all about competition, it is about family, it is about forfeit , it’s about heroism, it is about aviation.

“it is a love letter to aviation.”

Published in 1986, Top Gun was apparently inspired by an article titled Best Guns published in a journal three years before.

The film, directed by the late Tony Scott (Ridley Scott’s brother) was praised for its own cinematic achievements in catching breathless action sequences. It won an Academy Award for best original song for Take My Breath Away by the group Berlin.

It made a star of Cruise and additionally featured Kelly McGillis, Meg Ryan, ER’s Anthony Edwards and Val Kilmer – who’s also back for the sequel but is not seen in the first trailer.

Its critics stated that the movie served as a glorified jingoistic recruiting tool for the US Navy however at 2015, the US Library of Congress selected the movie for preservation at the National Film Registry.

“Thirty-four years back I made a movie in San Diego,” Cruise told the Comic-Con audience after a panel to launch the latest movie in the terminator franchise, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton.

“Thirty-four decades and you have been very patient with me and that I believed it was my responsibility to finally actually deliver for you.”

‘Cats’ Trailer Dropped Today: Watch the Movie Musical Trailer Here

Universal has released the first trailer for the movie adaptation of this Broadway play,”Cats,” starring Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson and James Corden.

Based on the book”Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats” by T.S. Eliot, the musical follows the Jellicle cats, a family of felines who move before the band’s leader Old Deuteronomy to find out who will be selected to go to the Heaviside layer for a new life. The original musical won six Tony awards.

Nonetheless, in this iteration, matters are a little different. Rather than actors dressed as cats, as most fans are familiar with in the Broadway production, director Tony Hooper chose to use motion-capture technologies, meaning the cats will really seem as singing furry felines.

The already star-studded cast is finished with a different team of big names such as Judi Dench (Old Deuteronomy), Rebel Wilson (Jennyanydots), Steven McRae (Skimbleshanks), Ian McKellen (Gus), Jason Derulo (Rum Tum Tugger) and Idris Elba (Macavity).

Tony winner Corden portrays Bustopher Jones, a wise and honored member of the Jellicle group.

Along with the team of executive producers, Steven Spielberg, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Angela Morrison,”Cats” will be made by Working Title Films in alliance with Monumental Pictures along with the Really Useful Group. The film is set to hit theatres Dec. 20.

Watch the trailer below:

Margot Robbie to star in live-action ‘Barbie’ film

Margot Robbie is to play with iconic doll Barbie in a live-action movie.

The celebrity of Suicide Squad, I, Tonya and Mary Queen of Scots will even produce the movie through her production company, LuckyChap Entertainment.

In a statement, Robbie said playing with the doll encouraged”confidence, curiosity and communication”.

“I am so honoured to have this function that I believe will have a tremendously positive impact on children,” the Australian actress continued.

Robbie, 28, said she could not have envision “better spouses” compared to Warner Bros and Barbie creator Mattel.

The film, which has to get a title, a director or a release date, marks the first collaboration between both US companies.

“Margot is the ideal producer and celebrity to bring Barbie to life on screen in a fresh and relevant way for today’s viewers.” said Toby Emmerich of Warner Bros..

Comedian Amy Schumer had previously been cast to play with the doll, just to drop out of the job in 2017.

“I am bummed, but anticipate seeing Barbie on the large screen,” the star of Trainwreck said at the time.

It was last January that Anne Hathaway had been in talks to take over the position.

Back in October, it was reported the film, formerly a Sony generation, would use a”revised” script from Ocean’s 8 author Olivia Milch.

The first Barbie doll, made by Mattel, was introduced to the world at the New York Toy Fair in 1959.

The character went on to look in a string of TV shows and animated movies, one of them the Toy Story movies.

Scandinavian band Aqua magnificently had a hit in 1997 with their single Barbie Girl, which included the lyrics:”Life in plastic, it’s fantastic.”

Seth Rollins Will Face Brock Lesnar at WWE SummerSlam After Winning Battle Royal

Seth Rollins will get another crack at Brock Lesnar after becoming the No. 1 contender for the Universal Championship.

The BeastSlayer dropped the universal name to Lesnar at Extreme Rules on Sunday. Lesnar cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase as Rollins was dropped from the main event. He delivered F-5 into Rollins, which was enough to fasten the pinfall.

Based on the wrestlers involved in the Battle Royal, lovers probably started envisioning their fantasy matchups for Lesnar at SummerSlam. Major E and Cesaro were sentimental favorites because beating Lesnar would have represented a breakthrough in the singles level. Along exactly the exact same line, Braun Strowman could’ve reversed months of treading water by toppling the champion.

Finally, Rollins has been the very practical choice.

His fast win over Lesnar at WrestleMania 35 was an proper method to deliver their feud into a momentary halt but never felt like the final chapter.

Of course, the fact Rollins and Lesnar fought over the Universal Championship makes WWE’s job a little harder this time around. The narrative is pretty straightforward–Rollins wants the name back–nonetheless requires some more nuance to avoid rehashing the very same promos in the buildup to WrestleMania.

Paul Heyman in particular might need to work overtime as Lesnar’s advocate in order to provide this match its own proper stakes.

Holly Holm’s Coach Believes She Will Recover Unlike Ronda Rousey After Suffering KO loss

If there’s one message Holly Holm’s head coach Mike Winkeljohn wants to share after her loss to Amanda Nunes, it is that she’ll be back.

It was obviously a disappointing ending for the former champion as she sought to recover the name she dropped back in 2016. Fourteen days after the fight ended, Holm was back at the gym sitting down alongside Winkeljohn to break the footage down to pick apart her operation.

“I figured Amanda would match plan counter punching Holly because Holly has a tendency as of late to actually lunge and people have been catching her when she laps, that type of thing. “I understand it didn’t look like a lot of action but there were a lot of small things going on there, jockeying for position, getting each other’s time consuming.

“Holly told me, we saw tape yesterday, ” she said she felt great. She was getting her timing and functioning but then she hesitated on a kick. She had done it earlier, which had been a mistake and she said she wishes she had not have done that. She told me that beginning to throw a kick and deciding to stop, that was stupid, do not do it again, don’t get caught. And she got captured. No explanations. Amanda kicks hard. She hits hard. She is a scary man and that is incredible.”

The fact that Holm was again back in the gym to analyze her performance only days following the loss says a good deal about her character, which is why Winkeljohn has no doubt she’ll happily begin the climb back up the ladder to title contention with her next fight.

“I have always known that about Holly. She constantly jumps back to the horse,” Winkeljohn said. “She had a boxing game where she got knocked out years and years ago by a woman named Anne Mathis, who’s the hardest puncher she fought. Everyone said she needs to retire and I looked at her and said you’re going to rematch her and you’re likely to beat her up. That was it. This was the moment Holly said’naturally’ and that’s when I knew that about Holly.

“Same thing here. Same frame of mind, Holly needs it back. She knows she made a mistake. She took that error and ran with it”

Winkeljohn states Holm’s attitude off a reduction is one of the features that makes her this incredibly simple fighter to coach while at the same time serving as a shining example to younger athletes about how to take care of hardship.

“Holly’s going to be back. She is undoubtedly one of the fighters in the fitness center. She works harder than anyone else. She has the desire and the fire, which is higher than anyone in the gym,” Winkeljohn said.

“She’s precisely the opposite of that which Ronda Rousey did later Holly knocked her out. Ronda, her entire world was and all these terrible things, which is not what young ladies or anybody needs to hear on the planet. When bad things happen, what causes you to good is the capacity to deal with it and go forward. That’s what Holly has chosen to do. That’s what she’s done her entire life and she will proceed.”